Motor On Car Care
COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

COVID-19 Disinfecting & Protective Measures

The health and safety of our customers and technicians is our top priority. We take extensive precautionary measures and strictly follow CDC guidelines. Protective gloves, face masks, and eye wear are worn by Motor On technicians at all times while inside customer vehicles. EPA-approved disinfectant is used to sanitize all vehicle touch points and protect all parties.

Zero-Contact Service Procedures & Social Distancing

Motor On's onsite service process is designed to minimize and can even eliminate physical/social contact between our technicians and customers/fleet employees. Vehicles and keys can be presented with zero contact; vehicles can be inspected and serviced; invoices can be processed; and vehicles can be returned to customers without contact and in a clean and safe condition. Our service process adheres to CDC distancing guidelines from start to finish.

Onsite Safety Procedures & Environmental Protection

Our onsite service procedures are designed not only with your health and safety in mind, but we also have policies and guidelines in place to ensure workplace safety for our technicians. Last but not least, we are proudly green, and we make every effort to always protect your property and our environment. 

  • A safe and suitable service area must be provided that is flat, stable and free of debris. A flat concrete or asphalt driveway or parking area is perfect.
  • Weather conditions may sometimes make it necessary for us to reschedule service. For example, heavy rain, or ice, or extreme cold can create dangerous outdoor work conditions.
  • All disinfection, protective and safety measures will be observed throughout our service.
  • We position the vehicle for service on an EPA-approved spill containment pad with a 60-gallon fluid spill capacity; our pad will remain in place during the entirety of vehicle service.
  • We drain and capture the used motor oil and remove the old oil filter in approved containers.
  • Once the service is completed, we verify no leaks and no residual oil present.
  • We inspect and clean residual oil and dispose of shop towels in OSHA-approved waste bins.
  • Remove vehicle from pad; disinfect vehicle; lock & return keys to customer-designated location.
  • We return used motor oil and oil filters to a Motor On facility for collection and recycling.
  • We strictly follow Motor On procedures to clean and disinfect our service vehicles.

Your health and safety will always be out #1 priority.